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Five Nations is a real-time sci-fi strategy game for PC platform. In Five Nations you execute tactical ship combat in real-time mixed with micromanagement of economy and base building. Featuring a 56 mission voice acted campaign and multiple single player modes.

  • You are a commander of one of the five great galactic empires in the far future
  • Develop your space facilities, mining stations, factories, power plants and research centers.
  • Produce a gigantic fleet of spacecraft to confront and destroy your rivals by employing shrewd strategies to outmaneuver their fleets.
  • All this in real-time, by micromanaging your spaceships and structures through conventional RTS mechanics tailored to modern action-packed gameplay.

Races and units[]

The Five Nations universe contains five distinct races, each trying to increase their standing in the galaxy.

Game Modes[]


The following game modes can be played in the game:

  • How to play
  • Campaign
  • Skirmish
  • Custom games

Game Mechanics[]


Details can be found about the following game mechanics:

Mission Walkthrough and Strategy Guide[]

There are one or more Game Guides in progress on Steam detailing the goals of each mission and viable strategies of obtaining them. Mission text is also supplemented by TaxOwlbear YouTube playthroughs as showcase. TaxOwlBear Youtube Channel

Map editing and modding[]


See details: Map editing and modding

The game is written in Javascript and most of the game related data are exported into JSON files. This means the game has a high potential for modding. Examples:

  • translation to new languages
  • change unit balancing
  • change the AI behavior: build orders, building layouts, unit specific AI
  • scripted maps: TD, MOBA, RPG, etc.

Technical background[]

Five Nations is an HTML5 + Javascript based game packaged with the Chromium browser using NW.js. Further details are available in Technical background.

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